First Year Dems Elect Alex Valdez as Rep. to Leadership

December 18, 2018

(Dec. 18) – House Democrats will assemble on Jan. 4 with 41 members in their ranks. Today, the first term House Democrats elected Rep.-elect Alex Valdez, D-Denver to serve as the First-Year Representative to Leadership, which will serve as a liaison from the first-term members of the caucus to the rest of the caucus leadership

Becker Announces Committee Assignments

December 2, 2018

41-Member Democratic Caucus Ready to Build on Successes of Past Two Sessions (Dec. 2) – Speaker-designate KC Becker, D-Boulder, appointed the chairs, vice chairs and other Democratic members of all 11 House committees of reference. “Coloradans elected a dedicated and highly-skilled group of legislators to lead our state in the Colorado House of Representatives,” said