JBC Joint Release: Democrats Working to Deliver for Colorado

March 21, 2019

(Mar. 21) – The Joint Budget Committee completed negotiations on the budget recently and approved the “Long Bill” package for introduction. Democrats are focused on responsibly managing tax-payer dollars while taking care of the priorities of the entire state. Democratic members of the committee released the following statements: “I am confident that this budget will

Speaker Becker, Sens. Court & Priola Unveil Bipartisan Bills to Better Fund Public Schools, Transportation & Higher-Ed

March 21, 2019

(Mar. 20) – Speaker KC Becker, Sen. Kevin Priola and Sen. Lois Court introduced a bipartisan bill today to better fund public schools, higher education, and roads, bridges, and transit. Colorado has one of the best economies in the country but revenue limits restrict the state’s ability to benefit from economic growth during upturns and

House Health Committee Approves Bill to Reduce Insulin Prices

March 20, 2019

The cost of insulin has increased 555 percent over the last fourteen years (Mar. 20) – The House Health and Insurance committee approved Rep. Dylan Roberts’ bill to reduce the price of life-saving insulin for people with diabetes in Colorado. Over 420,000 Coloradans have diabetes and an additional 20,000 Coloradans are diagnosed with diabetes every