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November 19, 2021


DENVER, CO ​​– Members of the Aurora delegation in the Colorado state legislature, including Senators Rhonda Fields and Janet Buckner as well as Representatives Mike Weissman, Dominique Jackson, Naquetta Ricks, Iman Jodeh, and Dafna Michaelson Jenet, today released the following joint statement on the shooting at Hinkley High School in Aurora:

“We are devastated. Three times this week, young people have been shot in their own communities and around their own schools. As we await further details from today’s act of violence at Hinkley High School, our hearts are with the victims, their families, and all the students in Aurora schools. Our community is in pain and our kids are scared.

“Too many of our children have experienced gun violence. Too many parents have had to pick up their kids early, and too many teachers have had to put their classrooms into lockdown. We cannot become numb to this tragic reality. So far in 2021, there have been at least 138 incidents of gunfire on school grounds across the country. We need to treat gun violence like the epidemic it is.”

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