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February 4, 2022


DENVER, CO – The Public and Behavioral Health and Human Services committee today passed HB22-1035, bipartisan legislation sponsored by Representatives Mary Young and Mary Bradfield to bolster supports for older Coloradans. The legislation passed 10-1.

“As the number of older Coloradans rises, we have to rethink how we provide the support and services they need to be productive and live the way they want,” said Rep. Mary Young, D-Greeley. “Our legislation updates Colorado law to set clear goals that will guide our state to bolster services for older Coloradans. Our goal is to provide the social services, jobs and skills training programs, health care services and so much more that prepares all Coloradans to live productive lives as they grow older.”

HB22-1035 updates the Older Coloradans Act to bolster supports and services to older Coloradans, such as social services, health services, workforce development, digital literacy and the state’s infrastructure for the growing older population in the state.

The legislation operationalizes many of the recommendations set forth by the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging and sets clear goals to guide the state as it works to ensure “that Colorado is the best state in which to grow old.” The bill makes it the policy of the state of Colorado to prevent abuse, exploitation and neglect of older Coloradans and recognize “that preparing all Coloradans for the different facets of a longer life is part of the state’s responsibility.” To accomplish these goals, the legislation creates a commission to coordinate and guide state aging programs.

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