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March 11, 2023

Bill to Address Teacher Shortage Signed Into Law

DENVER, CO – Governor Polis signed legislation, sponsored by Representatives Meghan Lukens and Mary Young, that will boost the educator workforce by making it easier for teachers professionally licensed in other states to teach in Colorado. 

“With our bill that Governor Polis signed into law, we’re taking important steps to address Colorado’s dire teacher shortage,” said Representative Meghan Lukens, D-Steamboat Springs. “The number one determining factor to a student's success is the teacher in the classroom. This law works to get more high quality teachers in classrooms by streamlining the process for teachers who are licensed in another state to obtain a teaching license in Colorado. I’m proud to support educators, families and most importantly–students.”

“Colorado’s teacher shortage is affecting every school district in the state, and our law works to address educator workforce shortages,” said Representative Mary Young, D-Greeley. “Under this law, already licensed teachers from other states would have an easier time obtaining a Colorado teaching license, saving them money and getting them in classrooms faster. This is also good news for military spouses who relocate to Colorado because it removes barriers to entering the educator workforce.”

HB23-1064 creates new pathways for out-of-state teachers to gain professional licensure in Colorado. The bill establishes the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact, which would create an agreement between Colorado and ten other states where licensed teachers in member states can obtain and easily transfer a teacher’s license from one member state to another. 

This law is designed to increase the teacher workforce by easing the state-to-state licensure process and reducing barriers, so professionally licensed teachers can begin teaching in Colorado classrooms faster.

HB23-1064 will be particularly helpful for active military and military spouses who often relocate from state-to-state, and the compact was initiated by the Department of Defense with the Council of State Governments and National Council of Teacher Accreditation.  

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