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May 7, 2024

Bill to Expedite, Streamline Driver’s License Process for New Immigrants Passes House

DENVER, CO – The House today passed legislation sponsored by Representatives Tim Hernández and Elizabeth Velasco that would streamline the process to receive a driver’s license or state identification card for new immigrants. SB24-182 passed by a vote of 43-19.

"For undocumented people, the average wait time to get a drivers license is 12-30 months, but undocumented people still need to drive to work or drive their kids to school,” said Rep. Tim Hernández, D-Denver. “This bill allows us to address the needs of newcomers that have been present for decades but have only grown more clear from the recent influx of migrants across the state. I’m thankful to have been a part of taking oppressive barriers for our community away through this legislation."

“The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act has made a significant impact on our immigrant communities by allowing all residents, regardless of their immigrant status, to qualify for a driver’s license or state ID,” said Rep. Elizabeth Velasco, D-Glenwood Springs. “We’re streamlining the eligibility process to limit hurdles for immigrants who use our roads.” 

SB24-182 would amend the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act to make it easier for new immigrants to obtain a driver's license or state identification card for residents who do not have legal resident status in the United States.

This bill would change requirements to receiving a driver's license or state identification card by:

  • Removing a requirement to file a Colorado resident income tax return for the prior year,

  • Removing a requirement to demonstrate residence in the state for the previous two years,

  • Removing a requirement to provide a documented social security number or individual taxpayer identification number, and

  • Expand the list of acceptable identification documents to include a photocopy of a passport issued by the applicant's country of origin, a voter identification card with a photograph issued by the applicant’s country of origin, and other alternatives.

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