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April 17, 2024

Bill to Reduce Evictions Passes House

DENVER, CO - The House today passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by Representative Mandy Lindsay that would reduce evictions by saving Colorado renters money on filing fees during eviction proceedings. HB24-1099 passed by a vote of 44 to 17. 

“Filing fees during eviction proceedings can add up, making it difficult for Colorado renters to make their case in court that they shouldn’t be evicted,” said Rep. Mandy Lindsay, D-Aurora. “Costs associated with eviction court should not prevent someone from presenting their side of a case. By removing these fees, we can help avoid default judgments that displace renters, keeping more Coloradans safely housed.”

HB24-1099, also sponsored by Representative Matt Soper, R-Delta, would eliminate filing fees, including e-filing fees and service fees, for renters during an eviction proceeding, ensuring that renters are not prevented from advocating for themselves in the eviction process.

Currently, defendants in eviction proceedings are charged filing fees and certain individuals can submit a motion to waive these fees. This bill removes fees associated with eviction proceedings to cut the red tape for defendants responding to eviction filings.

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