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March 17, 2022


DENVER, CO – Legislation to eliminate the state tax on essential hygiene products including feminine hygiene products and diapers passed the House today on Third Reading by a vote of 50 to 13. HB22-1055, sponsored by Representatives Susan Lontine and Leslie Herod, would create a tax exemption for all state sales and use taxes on feminine hygiene products and diapers.

“We’re removing the tax on dignity and saving Coloradans money,” said Susan Lontine D-Denver. “By eliminating the sales tax hygiene products, including diapers and period products we’re making these products more affordable to everyone who uses them. These items are essential to many families in our state and making them more affordable just makes sense.”

“Too many Coloradans are going without necessary hygiene products, and something needs to be done,” said Leslie Herod, D-Denver. “Eliminating the sales and use tax on period products, diapers and incontinence products makes these products more accessible and saves Coloradans millions of dollars in the process. This bill also paves the way towards destigmatizing hygiene products, so everyone can feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.”

HB22-1055, would create a tax exemption for all state sales and use taxes on feminine hygiene products, diapers and incontinence products. If passed, specific hygiene products would join other tax exempt essentials like food and medicine. The current sales and use tax on essential products falls disproportionately on communities of color and older Coloradans with fixed incomes.

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