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March 19, 2021


Bill would help broadband deployment board grants better reach unserved areas across the state.

DENVER, CO– The House today advanced Representative Brianna Titone’s bipartisan proposal to expand broadband access across Colorado on second reading.

“Access to reliable broadband isn’t a luxury, it’s become an absolute necessity,” said Rep. Brianna Titone, D-Arvada. “More than ever before, Coloradans are using broadband internet for learning, commerce, health care, and so much more. Ensuring that rural and underserved communities have reliable access to broadband internet will aid our economic recovery and set our local economies up for sustained success.”

HB21-1109, sponsored by Representatives Brianna Titone and Matt Soper, would help prioritize grant proposals that provide high speed internet access to low-income households and creates a process for encouraging proposals for critically unserved areas of the state.

The bill requires applicants to submit granular mapping data to more accurately identify these unserved areas, which is critical to understanding where and how to expand broadband infrastructure. The bill makes changes to the Broadband Deployment Board to increase efficiency and ensure expertise and geographic diversity are adequately represented. The bill also holds grant applicants accountable by requiring them to report the number of people served, their rates and quality of service provided.

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