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May 27, 2021


Business Committee passes economic gardening proposal

DENVER, CO– The House Business Affairs and Labor Committee today advanced Representatives Lindsey Daugherty and Naquetta Ricks’ bill to help small businesses grow and succeed. This bill is a part of the Colorado Comeback state stimulus, a package of legislation that will invest roughly $800 million into helping Colorado recover faster and build back stronger. The bill passed by a vote of 8-4.

“Small businesses are the backbone of Colorado’s economy, and we have to invest in them in order to build back stronger,” said Rep. Naquetta Ricks, D-Aurora. “This economic gardening initiative will be there to help businesses get past their growing pains and on to even greater success. Colorado’s entrepreneurs will soon be getting a Colorado Comeback boost!”

“The exciting new program we approved today will help take small businesses with massive growth potential to the next level,” said Rep. Lindsey Daugherty, D-Arvada. “Providing these businesses with technical and financial assistance will help ensure that they continue to create jobs and contribute to our economy in a sustainable way. As we safely reopen, it’s our beloved small businesses that will drive Colorado’s economic recovery.”

SB21-241 creates the Small Business Accelerated Growth Program, which is designed to provide small businesses on the verge of major growth with the tools and funding they need to take their small businesses to the next level. The Program will support businesses with 19 employees or fewer and provide them with technical, marketing, and financial assistance to ensure they can grow sustainably and continue to create jobs.

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