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February 13, 2024

Corner Qualifications Bill Passes Committee

DENVER, CO - The House Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee today passed Representative Vigil’s legislation to require county coroners to have certain qualifications and training. HB24-1100 passed by a vote of 9-2 and aims to ensure high standards of Colorado’s death investigators. 

“This important legislation will ensure that coroners in large counties are well-equipped to continue providing the critical regional service that we all depend on,” said Rep. Stephanie Vigil, D-Colorado Springs. “County coroners' findings have major implications for public health and safety, criminal justice proceedings, and in providing closure for surviving loved ones of the deceased. This bill, which was brought to me by the El Paso County Coroner, is about upholding the integrity of this essential public service."

HB24-1100 would require a county coroner in a county with a population over 150,000 to either be a death investigator certified by and in good standing with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, or be a forensic pathologist certified by and in good standing with the American Board of Forensic Pathologists. 

County coroner is an elected position and under current law, county coroners only need to be residents of the county they serve and have a high school diploma or college degree. This bill helps ensure that those who run for a county coroner position are properly trained and certified by national organizations.

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