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February 29, 2024

Daugherty Bill to Increase Workers’ Compensation Benefits Passes Committee

DENVER, CO - The House Business Affairs & Labor Committee today passed legislation sponsored by Representative Lindsey Daugherty to increase workers’ compensation benefits. HB24-1220 unanimously passed by a vote of 11-0.

“Workers’ compensation benefits provide crucial support to an injured worker, yet many Coloradans struggle to receive the benefits they’re owed, making it difficult for them to afford treatment or sustain themselves and their family when they lose wages after a work-related injury,” said Rep. Lindsey Daugherty, D-Arvada. “By increasing compensation limits and improving the efficiency of disability payments, we can ensure that injured Colorado workers will receive the fair and prompt compensation that they are entitled to.”

Currently, workers' compensation disability benefits are determined by the claimants’ impairment rating. A claimant with an impairment rating of 19 percent or less is eligible for benefits up to $75,000, while a claimant with an impairment rating over 19 percent is eligible for benefits up to $150,000. HB24-1220 would increase workers’ compensation disability benefits by increasing these limits on temporary injuries to $185,000 and permanent injuries to $350,000.

HB24-1220 would require workers’ compensation insurers to issue benefit payments through direct deposit if requested by a claimant. The bill also protects an injured worker from being fired from their job if they do not accept an offer of modified employment that includes driving to or from the workplace if their medical condition restricts them from driving.

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