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May 22, 2024

Duran: When Workers Thrive, Colorado Thrives

DENVER, CO – House Majority Leader Monica Duran today released the following statement ahead of the rally in support of workers being held tomorrow at the State Capitol:

“Colorado’s workers are the backbone of our economy, and when they thrive, our state thrives as well. As the granddaughter of immigrant farmworkers, I stand with the Coloradans who are rallying at the Capitol tomorrow to advocate for economic justice, better wages, fair workplace practices, and an economy that works for all.

“The bills I sponsored this session would have protected some of our most vulnerable people from having their hard earned money stolen by unscrupulous contractors, and would have prohibited retaliation against workers who don’t want to participate in required anti-union, political or religious meetings.

“These bills were top priorities for labor advocates and would have made a real difference for many workers in Colorado, predominantly people of color. But the fight does not end here. I will continue advocating for working families, and will be back at the table next session to achieve these goals.”

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