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January 16, 2019


Bill would bring SHOP classes back to schools

(Jan. 15) – The House Education Committee passed Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp’s bill today to permit more schools to apply for Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grants for new or rebuilt Career and Technical Education (CTE) facilities. This bill is intended to provide resources and opportunities for kids who want to go into alternative careers.

Any CTE program approved by the Department of Education such as agriculture, natural resources & energy, STEM, Arts & Design, skilled trades and technical sciences, health science and criminal justice & public safety, hospitality, human services & education are careers that can request the BEST grant.

“In my time here at the legislature, I have made it a focus to make sure that we offer these career options for kids,” said Representative Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada. “As someone who grew up in a construction family, I know the importance of bringing these jobs to our students and making sure they have the skills to get ahead in life.”

HB19-1008 was approved unanimously by a vote of 12-0 . The bill now goes to the House floor.

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