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April 8, 2019


(Apr. 8) – The House Energy & Environment gave bipartisan approval to Rep. Rochelle Galindo and Rep. Jonathan Singer’s bill to reauthorize funding for the Colorado Resiliency Office. Over five years ago, Lyons, Evans, Greeley and other areas of Northern Colorado were hit hard by floods that damaged homes, destroyed two parks and left eight dead. Democrats have been working on disaster relief issues for the past several sessions.

“We take care of each other in our community and after the floods hit, we stuck by each other and rebuilt,” said Rep. Galindo. “I’m glad my colleagues and I were able to pass this bipartisan bill today so we can work together to help communities effectively prepare for the next natural disaster or the next flood.”

“Lyons and other areas in my House district continue to deal with the aftermath of the floods and I remain in awe of the resiliency of our community,” said Rep. Jonathan Singer, whose district includes Longmont, Lyons and eastern Boulder County and was among the hardest hit areas in the state by the floods. “There are no Democratic or Republican natural disasters and I’m proud of the collaborative, bipartisan approach across the state to make this is reality. This bill will help make our state’s disaster response quicker and recovery more effective.”

Rep. Singer is a co-prime sponsor of HB18-1394 which was signed into law last year. The bill created a policy group to help coordinate the state’s response in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and continued the Colorado Resiliency Office, which helps direct long-term rebuilding efforts and community recovery.

In 2013, then-Speaker Mark Ferrandino and other lawmakers formed a bipartisan committee to address flood issues. Current State Treasurer and former Rep. Dave Young of Greeley served as co-chair of the committee. This Fall, Rep. Galindo succeeded Treasurer Young as a representative for HD-50 and parts of the district in Evans and Greeley were damaged by the floods.

HB19-1292 passed the committee 8-2 with Republican Rep. Lois Landgraf joining Democrats in support.

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