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May 15, 2023

Gov Polis Signs Bill to Combat Deforestation

DENVER, CO - Governor Jared Polis today signed legislation sponsored by Representative Tammy Story into law to help our forests recover from deforestation.

“Colorado is well known for having beautiful natural landscapes, which is why so many people visit our state or call Colorado home,” said Rep. Tammy Story, D-Conifer. “Wildfires have caused significant damage to our forests, devastating Colorado families, ranches, businesses, and open spaces. With this new law, Colorado can reforest areas that saw devastating wildfires in the last few years and stabilize watershed banks to protect water resources. Also, Colorado can better mitigate wildfire threats, protect Colorado lives, and preserve our beautiful lands.”

HB23-1060 updates and expands the operations of Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Nursery to help them meet seedling trees and shrubs conservation demands and increase reforestation efforts. In Colorado, seedlings are used for burned forest restoration, creating climate-resilient watersheds and forests, and enhancing carbon storage. 

Last year, $5 million was allocated toward the CSFS Nursery from HB22-1323 and additional funding would help complete the upgrades and expectations to improve seed storage, seedling processing, and nursery fields amongst other needs that will help meet the growing demand of reforestation efforts.

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