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June 5, 2024

Gov. Polis Signs Bill to Provide Free Menstrual Products to Students

DENVER, CO – Governor Jared Polis today signed legislation to make menstrual products free to Colorado middle and high school students. HB24-1164 makes modifications to the Menstrual Hygiene Grant Program to expand support to rural and underserved districts. 

“Periods don’t wait – and this important law ensures that Colorado students can access the menstrual products they need, when they need them,” said Rep. Brianna Titone, D-Arvada. “Without access to menstrual products, our students risk missing out on valuable learning time and can experience emotional distress. Our new law makes menstrual products free and accessible in schools to Colorado’s teens.” 

67 percent of U.S. students miss valuable school time due to a lack

of necessary period products, and the numbers are even higher for low-income and students of color,” said Rep. Jenny Willford, D-Northglenn. “Our important bill helps combat period poverty in Colorado by making menstrual products free and accessible in middle school and high school bathrooms. Our students deserve to learn, grow and thrive without the added stress of finding and affording period products – and this new law does just that.” 

"By signing this bill today, Governor Polis is ensuring every student across the state can go to school without worrying about when your period might arrive, or if you have the products you need to manage it," said Diane Cushman Neal, founder and president of Justice Necessary. "I am proud to live in a state that ensures students can attend class without the worry of having the necessary products to manage their periods, because access to period products, just is necessary."

HB24-1164 ensures that Colorado middle and high school students have access to free period products in the bathroom at schools. Under the new law, certain local education providers are required to phase in menstrual products in a portion of their bathrooms, beginning with 25 percent of applicable bathrooms by June 30, 2025 and 100 percent of applicable bathrooms by 2028.

This law also expands the Menstrual Hygiene Grant Program in the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to be available to rural and small rural school districts and charter schools located within those districts. The goal of this law is to support more Colorado school districts in providing accessible and free period products to their students. 

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