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June 30, 2022


House Dems highlight critical investments to move Colorado Forward in countdown to the new fiscal year that begins July 1, 2022.

DENVER, CO – House Democrats today released a countdown to the Fiscal New Year, highlighting critical investments for FY 2022-2023 in K-12 education, behavioral health and housing, and wildfire mitigation and prevention.

“Happy Fiscal New Year, Colorado!,” said JBC Chair Rep. Julie McCluskie, D-Dillon. “I’m excited that school districts will receive nearly $550 more per student this year to improve K-12 education and that we are increasing state funding for schools that serve more at-risk and special education students. From saving people and businesses money to increasing access to behavioral health care and affordable homes, we’re making critical investments to meet the most pressing needs in our communities and protect the Colorado way of life. ”

House Democrats’ Countdown to the Fiscal New Year:

10. $10 million for rural hospitals to improve health care services, increase access for rural patients, modernize health IT systems, and save people money on health care. (SB22-200)

9. Nearly $900 million combined investment to save Coloradans money on housing and increase access to mental health care and substance use disorder treatment. (Behavioral Health; Housing)

8. Eight new laws that fund wildfire mitigation, response and recovery efforts in communities across Colorado and save homeowners money on wildfire mitigation.

7. $700 million over two years for property tax relief for homeowners and businesses, helping save families money on housing and cutting costs for businesses statewide. The average homeowner will save $275 on their property taxes and many small businesses won’t see any increase at all. (SB22-238 and SB21-293)

6. $600 million to save businesses money by replenishing the state Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund that provided crucial benefits to workers during the pandemic. (SB22-234)

5. $550 more on average per student in state funding for K-12 public schools. This year, Colorado Democrats took a massive – and sustainable – step towards eliminating the budget stabilization factor and fully funding public K-12 education. The 2022 School Finance Act increases funding for public education by over $430 million. (HB22-1390)

4. Four million Coloradans will receive Colorado Cashback checks later this summer – $750 for single filers, $1,500 for joint filers! (SB22-233)

3. Three percent increase in funding for health care providers to help retain and attract the health care workforce Colorado needs. (HB22-1329)

2. $200 million to respond to homelessness across the state, including investments in housing and services that help people find and maintain safe and stable living situations.

1. One balanced budget investing in critical priorities to save people money, improve public education and protect the Colorado way of life!

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