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March 25, 2019


(Mar. 25) – The House unanimously approved a bipartisan bill that would create a study to help determine what is the best method to pay Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) engineer contractors, through an hourly rate or through a fixed bid amount.

“This bill is about transparency and accountability, and will create fairness and efficiency for CDOT,” said Rep. Donald Valdez, D-La Jara. “We need to make responsible investments in transportation and this is a good government bill.”

The current practice is for CDOT outside engineers that are contracted with an hourly rate. SB19-076 would create a study to see if changing the payment method to a fixed bid amount would improve current concerns of cost efficiency of CDOT projects.

SB19-076 was also sponsored by Rep. Janice Rice, R-Grand Junction. It passed unanimously through the House and now heads back to the Senate to vote on the bill with the amendments added in the House. Then it will head to the Governor’s desk.

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