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April 30, 2019


Only 40 percent of third graders in the state are reading at their grade level now

(Apr. 30) – The House gave preliminary approval to a bipartisan bill, sponsored by Rep. Julie McCluskie to renew the Colorado Reading To Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act), a K-3 literacy instructional program that began in 2012.

“Ultimately, strong readers are more successful in school, and we hope in all aspects of life.

This bill builds on and improves the existing READ Act that was passed in 2012,” said Rep. McCluskie, D-Dillon. “We need to see stronger results in early childhood literacy. We worked together with members of the K-12 education community to strengthen and refine the efforts that are already in place. We hope this revitalized READ Act will support better reading growth and achievement.”

SB19-199 allocates literacy funding towards evidence-based practices that will get Coloradan kids reading at grade level. The bill puts in place provisions to ensure that Colorado teachers are proficient in evidenced-based literacy and reading training practices. That funding can be used for summer literacy programs, professional development programming and tutoring services.

Finally, the bill includes increased transparency measures and reporting requirements to ensure the appropriated funds are used in a manner to get the largest return on investment for Colorado’s early learners.

SB19-199 passed by a voice-vote. A final vote will be taken at a later date.

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