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March 18, 2024

House Approves Ortiz Bills to Improve Basic Access in Rental Housing, Vehicles

DENVER, CO - The House today passed two bills sponsored by Representative David Ortiz that save Coloradans with disabilities money on modifications to rental housing and make car sharing programs and EV charging more accessible to people with disabilities. HB24-1318 passed by a vote of 52-11. HB24-1161 passed by a vote of 60-3. 

Currently, it is illegal to discriminate against a renter because they have a disability, including refusing to make or allow reasonable modifications to a unit to accommodate their disability. HB24-1318 would no longer allow a landlord to condition the permission of modifications on the renter with a disability agreeing to reverse modifications made for accessibility. 

“From EV charging stations to rental housing, people with disabilities deserve basic access,” said Rep. David Ortiz, D-Centennial, sponsor of HB24-1161 and HB24-1318. “Universal design hurts no one and helps everyone. The housing crisis impacts the vast majority of Coloradans, but it is especially difficult for people with disabilities who struggle to find affordable housing opportunities that accommodate their needs. With these bills, we can remove barriers to housing and car travel, creating a more equitable Colorado.”

Starting January 1, 2026, HB24-1161 would require new electric vehicle charging stations to incorporate federal accessible design recommendations for at least five percent of charging spaces or one space. HB24-1161 would strengthen the prohibition on blocking access to ADA parking spots, curb ramps, and access aisles including using such a parking spot to pile snow.

Additionally, the bill would allow owners of a vehicle in a car sharing program to indicate if their vehicle has been modified to be accessible to people with disabilities and what modifications have been made.

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