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April 22, 2019


(Apr. 22) – The House passed Rep. Mike Weissman’s bill to help fix Colorado’s broken campaign finance system.

“Coloradans have the right to be able to follow the dollars in our elections,” said Rep. Weissman, D-Aurora. “All voters deserve to know who or what is trying to influence their vote. This bill will make Colorado a national leader in campaign finance transparency. I thank Secretary Griswold for working with us on this important reform.”

The Clean Campaign Act of 2019, HB19-1318, increases the transparency of money in elections consistent with the First Amendment to the United States constitution. This bill prohibits an issue committee or small-scale issue committee from knowingly accepting contributions from any natural person who is not a citizen of the United States, a foreign government or any foreign corporation that does not have the authority to transact business in this state.

Colorado Sec. of State Jena Griswold testified in support of the legislation in committee.

“Too often, Coloradans feel that their politicians are beholden to big money special interests, and that the rich and powerful are allowed to side-step the rules,” said Secretary of state Jena Griswold. “Right now in Colorado, a $50 contribution to a candidate is more transparent than a $50,000 contribution to Colorado’s version of a SuperPAC. It’s time to put democracy back in the hands of everyday Coloradans. I’m thrilled to have worked closely with Representative Weissman, Senator Foote, and Senator Bridges to craft this legislation, and look forward to it becoming law.”

The bill passed with a final vote of 41-23. It now heads to the Senate.

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