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March 7, 2019


House Democrats Kennedy, Singer focused on solutions to the opioid crisis

(Mar. 6) – The House Public Health Care and Human Services committee approved a bill to help address the opioid crisis today. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Chris Kennedy, D-Lakewood, and Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont.

“Today we took a bipartisan step forward to address the opioid crisis by giving more support to people in recovery,” said Rep. Kennedy. “Substance use disorder is a disease, and when people reach out for help in putting their lives back together, stable housing can mean the difference between relapse and recovery.”

“We are focused on finding solutions to the opioid crisis in Boulder County and across our state,” said Rep. Singer, who chairs the House Public Health Care & Human Services committee. “This bill will halt the revolving door and get people into desperately needed treatment and recovery.”

Both Reps. Kennedy and Singer have served on the Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Study Committee, which has worked for the last few years to come up with bipartisan solutions to address the opioid crisis. Americans are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car accident.

HB19-1009 improves support for individuals recovering from substance use disorders by expanding housing assistance for people transitioning out of treatment; increasing oversight of recovery residences to ensure high quality care; and investing in recovery services for people who have sought care and treatment.

The bill was approved on a bipartisan vote of 8-3. Rep. Lois Landgraf joined Democrats on the committee in support of the bill. HB19-1009 now goes to the Appropriations committee.

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