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March 29, 2023

House Committee Passes EV Charging, Thermal Energy Bills to Save Coloradans Money

DENVER, CO – The House Energy & Environment Committee today passed legislation to streamline the construction of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for homeowners and renters and support the development of clean, thermal energy technology. These bills are part of a broader legislative package to save Coloradans’ and business money on energy costs and improve air quality. 

“We’re taking steps to create good-paying jobs in clean energy technologies, like geothermal,” said Rep. Sheila Lieder, D-Littleton, sponsor of HB23-1252. “Thermal energy technology is already being used across Colorado to save people and businesses money by harnessing the heat beneath our feet. This legislation would make it easier to develop, expand and deploy this technology so more businesses and hardworking families can save money on their energy bills while creating good paying jobs and helping us improve our air quality on the front range.”

“Colorado needs an approach to not only meet our climate goals, but to create a clean energy landscape that encourages the adoption of innovative technologies,” said Rep. Cathy Kipp, Chair of the House Energy & Environment Committee and sponsor of HB23-1252, D-Fort Collins. “Our legislation works to expand avenues for thermal energy technologies in homes and businesses across the state, saving Coloradans’ money and cutting back on fossil fuel reliance. The clean energy transition is good for business, creates new job opportunities and sets Colorado up as a leader in the clean energy space.”

Including Thermal Energy As A Clean Heat Resource: HB23-1252 passed committee by a vote of 8 to 3. This bill would continue Colorado’s work to reduce emissions from gas utilities by providing a pathway for wider adoption of thermal energy as a clean heat resource. This bill aims to assist in the transition away from expensive fuel commodities like natural gas and lower utility costs for Coloradans.

Thermal energy systems heat and cool buildings by circulating non-combustible fluids through a pipe network. Defining thermal energy as a clean heat resource allows the state to expand its usage, create new job opportunities, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and save Coloradans money on their utility bills.

Colorado already employs this technology across the state, including at the National Western Complex, Colorado State University and the Colorado State Capitol.  

“Electric vehicles are an important tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as we work toward meeting Colorado’s renewable energy goals,”said Rep.Tisha Mauro, D-Pueblo, sponsor of HB23-1233. “Many Coloradans are interested in owning an EV, however it can be tough to secure charging locations whether at their home or in their community. This bill helps to remove barriers to EV ownership by setting up the infrastructure to integrate charging ports in more homes, including multi-family residences.” 

“As more electric vehicles take to our roads, it’s critical we invest in EV-specific infrastructure,” said Rep. Alex Valdez, D-Denver, sponsor of HB23-1233. “We’re committed to reaching Colorado’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040, and this legislation sets in motion a plan to expand EV charging, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and save Coloradans’ money in the long term. Our legislation works to meet EV charging demands, making it possible for more Coloradans to own an EV because it will be easier to charge their vehicle across the state and in their community.”

EV Charging and Parking Requirements: HB23-1233 passed committee by a vote of 8 to 3. This bill would remove barriers to EV ownership by ensuring Coloradans have access to EV charging, especially renters or those living in multifamily housing. Specifically, HB23-1233 would expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in new construction to accommodate new and current EV owners. The bill would update electric code requirements, remove parking restrictions for EVs, and provide property tax relief to Coloradans for EV charging stations.

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