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April 27, 2019


(Apr. 27) – The House gave preliminary approval to two bills that will help provide more resources for Colorado’s teachers and students.

“This bill ensures that all teachers who are trained in Colorado are taught best practices through mentorship. Across the board, every department and every teacher should be taught best practices,” said Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango. “As teachers, we all know what best practices are for teaching, but it’s often not shared with new, incoming teachers. Through this bill, we can have really a great education for our kids that is consistent across the board no matter which Colorado school you graduate from.”

Rep. McLachlan is chair of the House Education committee and is a former school teacher.

SB19-190 will create the “Growing Great Teachers Act” to prepare more Coloradans for the experience of teaching in our public schools. This bill would allow institutions of higher education to offer approved educator preparation programs of alternative teacher programs through a contract with the Department of Higher Education.

This bipartisan bill passed with a voice-vote. A final vote will be taken at a later date.

The House also approved SB19-216, sponsored by Rep. Shannon Bird, D-Westminster, which incentivizes for local education providers to provide innovative learning opportunities for high school students.

“We live in a dynamic and evolving economy. Making sure our students are well prepared for college or entering the workforce requires every student we educate to have a rich educational experience,” said Rep. Shannon Bird, D-Westminster. “We need strong teachers teaching a strong curriculum in the classroom. We also need innovative learning opportunities like apprenticeships outside of the classroom. This bill gives incentives to school districts to expand opportunities for students so that every child receives a quality education.”

The bill creates the high school innovative learning pilot program to support school districts, boards of cooperative services, and charter schools in providing innovative learning opportunities to students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. Each local education provider that is selected to participate in the pilot program can count high school students who participate in innovative learning opportunities as full-time pupils, for purposes of school finance.

SB19-216 passed by a voice-vote. A final vote will take place at a later date.

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