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April 7, 2022


DENVER, CO – The House Education Committee today passed a bill to improve postsecondary student outcomes through data transparency. This bill was developed based on recommendations from the state’s Student Success and Workforce Revitalization Task Force and will invest $3 million to prepare students for success and boost Colorado’s workforce.

“With the proper data, we can improve outcomes for our students as they move through postsecondary education and into their careers,” said Rep. Monica Duran, D-Wheat Ridge. “Our bipartisan legislation invests to create modern, sophisticated data systems that track student success in a multitude of ways to better prepare them for the workforce. Colorado’s workforce is constantly changing and pathways to new, high-demand careers are opening every day. With this bill, we will be able to adapt educational experiences to meet economic demand.”

Postsecondary Student Success Data System: Sponsored by Representatives Monica Duran and Perry Will, this bill will collect student success data to better inform the educational pathways needed to prepare them for the workforce. HB22-1349 invests federal funds to create a public-facing, interactive data system to track student progression from higher education into the workforce. This data system will make transparent student workforce success metrics for all state higher education institutions.

The data and information collected will then be used to create better pathways for entering high-demand careers through developing curricula and programs that reflect the needs of Colorado’s economy. Based on recommendations from the Student Success and Workforce Revitalization Task Force, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education will also determine new, dynamic ways to measure student success that could include credential completion rates, postsecondary employment outcomes and price to earning premiums among other factors.

HB22-1349 passed committee unanimously.

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