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May 20, 2021


DENVER, CO– The House Education Committee today passed legislation sponsored by Representatives Emily Sirota and Colin Larson that would put $10 million into the BEST grant program to fund air quality improvement projects in public and charter schools. The bill is part of the Colorado Comeback state stimulus package that will invest roughly $800 million into helping Colorado recover faster and build back stronger.

“Every Colorado student should have a safe and constructive learning environment, but too many schools lack air conditioning or proper ventilation systems,” said Rep. Emily Sirota, D-Denver. “As we rebuild from the pandemic, we have to invest in our classrooms to ensure that our students have clean, healthy air in their classrooms and can focus on learning. We have a lot of work to do to address learning disruptions from COVID-19, and we can’t let outdated school buildings with poor air circulation stand in the way.”

SB21-202 would allocate $10 million for Building Excellent Schools Today grants to fund much-needed public school air quality improvement projects to improve air quality in as many public and charter school facilities as possible. Kids learn better in environments that are safe, clean, and healthy. Unfortunately, over the years, Colorado’s deferred maintenance of school facilities has grown, particularly in rural areas. These construction and capital projects will create good jobs, make long-term improvements to Colorado schools’ infrastructures, and provide safer, more constructive learning environments for students.

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