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January 14, 2021


DENVER, CO — The House today gave initial approval to legislation that would modify the COVID-19 relief program for small businesses, extend limitations on debt collection actions, and recreate the Occupational Therapy Practice Act. Final passage of the legislation in the House is expected tomorrow morning.

SB21-001: Modify COVID-19 Relief Programs For Small Business. This bill, sponsored by Representatives Leslie Herod, D-Denver, and Shane Sandridge, R-El Paso County, makes minor tweaks to the COVID-19 small and minority business relief program that was established in last year’s special session. The legislation will help small businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, especially minority owned businesses, receive timely relief through the program.

SB21-002: Extending Limitations on Debt Collection Actions. This bill, sponsored by Representative Herod, would extend the debt collection protections enacted last session through June 1of this year. Without action, these critical protections for consumers who are facing tremendous hardship due to COVID-19 will expire in two weeks with our nation still in the midst of a public health and economic crisis.

SB21-003: Recreate Occupational Therapy Practice Act. This bill, sponsored by Representatives David Ortiz, D-Littleton, and Colin Larson, R-Ken Caryl recreates the Occupational Therapy Practice Act to allow continuity in occupational therapy regulations to ensure that these professionals have the tools and guidance they need to be successful and serve the community.

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