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May 6, 2024

House Passes Bills to Reduce Overdose Deaths, Support Successful Recovery

DENVER, CO – The House today passed two bills that will prevent overdose deaths and support successful recovery from substance use disorders. 

SB24-048, sponsored by Representatives Chris deGruy Kennedy and Mike Lynch, would support successful recovery from substance use disorders by helping establish recovery friendly workplaces, living facilities, and creating a grant program to support organizations providing services to Coloradans in recovery. SB24-048 passed the House by a vote of 49 to 12.

“Continuing successful recovery from a substance use disorder is incredibly challenging, which is why we are stepping up to help Coloradans who have completed treatment to better support them,” said Rep. Chris deGruy Kennedy, D-Lakewood. “This bill is part of a package of legislation that will help prevent and reduce substance use disorders, increase access to treatment, aid in harm reduction, and help Coloradans successfully experience and stay in recovery.”

SB24-047, sponsored by Representative Mary Young and Elisabeth Epps, would boost substance use disorder prevention efforts by updating the Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to improve data collection and access, and implements the substance use screening, brief intervention, and referral practice statewide for adolescents to those who would benefit in Colorado schools. SB24-047 passed the House by a vote of 45 to 16. 

“This bill will save lives, help prevent Coloradans from developing a substance use disorder, and creates additional tools,” said Rep. Mary Young, D-Greeley. “Reducing overdose deaths and saving lives requires a broad approach that considers prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery service. We need to ensure our youth and adults have the resources necessary to prevent a disorder – and this bill puts prevention first so everyone can lead healthy lives.”

“We have lost, and continue to lose, our neighbors to preventable drug overdose deaths and substance use disorders,” said Rep. Elisabeth Epps, D-Denver. “We must do much more to prevent chaotic substance misuse in Colorado, all while helping people access the critical support they need to stay alive. SB24-047 is compassionate, courageous, data-driven legislation which helps us do exactly that.”

The Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Study Interim Committee put forward a number of proposals that help Coloradans access treatment, prevention, harm reduction efforts, and recovery services to save lives. This bill will enhance proven substance use disorder prevention efforts to increase access to preventative programs to keep Coloradans alive.

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