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February 26, 2024

House Passes Legislation to Protect Youth in Sports

DENVER, CO –  The House today passed a bill sponsored by Representatives Jennifer Parenti and Jenny Willford to better protect youth and keep them safe when participating in private organized sports. HB24-1080 passed by a vote of 45-16.

“Colorado youth participating in out-of-school sports should be safe, which is why we are putting common sense protections into place to ensure that the adults who supervise youth sports have passed a background check and are trained in CPR/AED certification,” said Rep. Jennifer Parenti, D-Erie. “We owe it to our children to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent injury and harm and this bill is a critical step to create the safe environment they deserve.”

“Kids and parents deserve to know that their sports programs are run by someone they can trust,” said Rep. Jenny Willford, D-Northglenn. “Our bill would require coaches and other adults involved in these sports programs to pass a background test and be CPR/AED and First Aid certified to ensure that we’re creating a safe environment for our kids to play in.”

HB24-1080 would require private youth sports organizations to conduct criminal history record checks on personnel who work directly with youth athletes, in both a volunteer or paid position. This bill would also require paid directors, coaches, assistant coaches or athletic program personnel to be CPR/AED and First Aid certified to help youth in the case of an emergency. HB24-1080 aims to prevent childhood sexual assault and keep our youth safe while participating in out-of-school activities.

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