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February 27, 2020


Legislation would limit contributions to $2,500 per individual donor

DENVER, CO– The House today voted to pass Representative Emily Sirota’s bill to limit campaign contributions to $2,500 per individual donor. HB20-1066 would also limit contributions from political committees. The bill was approved by a vote of 40-24.

“With money from wealthy special interests and out-of-state millionaires pouring into our school board races, it’s time to put common sense limits on how much individuals and political committees can contribute,” said Rep. Sirota, D-Denver. “I’m pleased to see the House move forward with this important legislation that will reduce the influence of high-dollar donors in our democracy and put our students first.”

Unlike federal elections, Colorado House and Senate elections and county elections, there are currently no limits on campaign contributions in school board races. Spending in school board races in Colorado is growing rapidly, and donors, sometimes from out of state, are contributing tens of thousands of dollars to individual candidates, amounts substantially above federal and state contribution limits in other races.

HB20-1066 would set contribution limits in school director elections at $2,500 per individual donor. These limits would be adjusted for inflation. Additionally, the bill subjects school board candidates to existing disclosure laws, including requiring school board candidates to file contribution reports in a similar manner to state House and Senate candidates.

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