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April 18, 2022


DENVER, CO – The House passed two bipartisan bills to save Coloradans money. HB22-1010, sponsored by Emily Sirota and Tonya Van Beber, would expand and increase the early childhood educator tax credit and help make childcare more affordable. HB22-1083, sponsored by Kerry Tipper and Janice Rich, would expand a Colorado homeless contribution income tax credit.

“Together, we’re saving early child care workers money while making child care more affordable,” said Rep. Emily Sirota, D-Denver, sponsor of HB22-1010. “Child care centers across the state are struggling to hire and retain high-quality, talented workers and parents are left scrambling to find reliable child care options. This bill works to save child care providers money on their taxes and makes it easier for providers to enter the field which will help fill the gaps in the early childhood educator workforce.”

“We’re saving Coloradans money and encouraging charitable donations to address our state’s homelessness crisis,” said Rep. Kerry Tipper, D-Lakewood, sponsor of HB22-1083. “Our bill expands a tax credit to Coloradans who donate to homelessness organizations and nonprofits. This tax credit will save Coloradans money and incentivize more donations toward finding permanent housing solutions for Coloradans experiencing homelessness.”

HB22-1010, passed the House by a vote of 47 to 14 and would increase and expand eligibility for the early childhood educator tax credit. The tax credit would help save early childhood educators money and encourage new providers to enter the field. Boosting the child care workforce will expand childcare options and ultimately lower the cost of childcare in Colorado. Child care providers are facing significant workforce challenges as workers leave the field for higher paying, less stressful jobs. HB22-1010 is part of the Colorado House Democrats’ first ten bills.

HB22-1083, passed the House by a vote of 54 to 8 and would expand a Colorado homeless contribution income tax credit. Specifically, this bill would expand a state income tax credit and make it available for all Coloradans that make monetary or in-kind contributions to promote temporary, emergency or transitional housing programs for homeless people. This bill works to save Coloradans money on charitable donations while combatting homelessness in Colorado.

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