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May 12, 2021


Legislation extends tax deduction on wood harvested from beetle-killed trees DENVER, CO– The House today advanced two bills that would promote healthy forests by extending a tax deduction on the sale of wood harvested from trees killed by Pine or Spruce beetles.

“Climate change is leading to more intense and devastating wildfires that are threatening our communities,” said Rep. Lisa Cutter, D-Jefferson County. “By keeping our forests healthy and incentivizing the removal of dead trees from the forest floor, we can help reduce the devastation and intensity of wildfires. This bill will continue critical efforts to enhance forest health in Colorado.”

Pine and spruce beetles are killing trees in forests across Colorado, leaving a trail of destruction that can serve as explosive fuel for increasingly intense and dangerous wildfires. By encouraging the sale of wood products from trees killed by these beetles, the state can incentivize removing them from our forests, which helps to slow the growth and intensity of wildfires. HB21-1261, which is sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Marc Catlin, would extend an expired tax exemption on the sale of wood and wood products from trees killed by pine or spruce beetles until 2026. The bill passed 63-1.

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