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April 24, 2019


Bill is fulfilling legacy of the late John Buckner

(Apr. 24) – The House unanimously approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Janet Buckner that creates a pilot program to increase the number of students taking advanced, honor, or accelerated courses.

“It was always a priority of my late husband John to help students grow and succeed in their academia. I am honored to bring forward a bill that continues on his legacy and also helps kids realize their full potential,” said Rep. Janet Buckner, D-Aurora.

Rep. John Buckner passed away in 2015 after a battle with sarcoidosis, a chronic respiratory illness. Rep. Janet Buckner now holds the seat.

Under SB19-059, a grant program would be created under the Colorado Department of Education that will provide support for districts who want to automatically enroll students in advanced courses for subjects in which they have demonstrated proficiency or above on state assessments.

A portion of the funding from the grant program could go toward expanding the number of advanced courses offered, increasing the use of technology, incentivizing teachers to teach advanced courses, developing a curriculum, enrollment, and student success.

During the third reading of the bill, Republican Reps. Colin Larson and Jim Wilson offered an amendment to rename the bill after former Rep. John Buckner. It was unanimously approved.

The bill heads back to the Senate for approval of amendments.

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