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December 6, 2023

JOINT RELEASE: Fenberg, McCluskie Make Appointments to the Commission on Property Tax

DENVER, CO ​​– Senate President Steve Fenberg and House Speaker Julie McCluskie today announced legislative appointments to the new bipartisan commission to address rising property taxes. The Commission on Property Tax, created through HB23B-1003, will bring leaders from across the state together to identify long-term property tax solutions. 

“Property tax spikes have hit Colorado homeowners hard, especially economically vulnerable folks like seniors and those on fixed incomes,” President Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder, said. “That's why we created this important, bipartisan Commission, and I know my appointments will work hard to find long-term, comprehensive solutions to address property taxes in Colorado. I am excited about the possibilities this opportunity presents, and will be closely watching to ensure we find a responsible, long-term solution that will keep Colorado affordable for years to come."

“To establish long-term property tax solutions, we need to bring all voices to the table so we can lay the groundwork for our ultimate goal of making Colorado more affordable for everyone,” said Speaker Julie McCluskie, D-Dillon. “The appointments I made to the bipartisan Commission on Property Tax bring a wealth of knowledge to this policy space and are well-aligned with the different needs of Coloradans living around the state, including in our mountain towns and low-income communities. Addressing the rising cost of living is a top priority for Colorado Democrats and this commission is an important step toward making it easier to not only live in our beautiful state, but thrive.” 

President Fenberg’s Appointments:

  • Senator Chris Hansen

  • Commissioner Andy Kerr

  • Kevin Vick

Speaker McCluskie’s Appointments:

  • Speaker Pro Tempore Chris deGruy Kennedy

  • Summit County Commissioner Tamara Pogue

  • Jonathan Cappelli

The Commission on Property Tax was created through HB23B-1003 and will outline plans for long and short-term property tax relief and to evaluate property tax ballot initiatives filings for the 2024 election. The bipartisan Commission includes legislators, county commissioners from across the state, a property tax administrator and different local government, business, and community leaders representing constituencies impacted by property tax revenue. The goal of the Commission on Property Tax is to map out potential long-term solutions to property taxes that have been rising since Coloradans voted to repeal the Gallagher Amendment in 2020.

Under HB23B-1003, the Commission will convene by the week of December 18, 2023, and deliver an initial report to the General Assembly and Governor by March 15, 2024. 

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