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July 6, 2023

LGBTQ+ Caucus Statement on Recent US Supreme Court Decisions

DENVER, CO– The Colorado Democratic LGBTQ+ Caucus today released the following statement on recent decisions by the US supreme Court:

We, the members of the Colorado General Assembly LGBTQ+ Caucus, stand strongly aligned with our brothers and sisters in the Black, Latino and Women’s Caucuses to express our outrage and dismay at the recent attacks against all of our communities leashed upon us by the US Supreme Court.  We will not sit back and allow our country to sanction discrimination against its own people simply because of how they look, how they live or who they love.

When Coloradans elected an overwhelming Democratic majority to the General Assembly in 2022–with the highest representation of LGBTQ people, women and people of color in our history, they sent a clear mandate to ensure our state will be one that stands as a beacon of freedom, equity, diversity and inclusion here in the Mountain West and across the country.  

We stand together not just to represent Colorado’s LGBTQ community, but to lead with our values, by shaping the legislation this Assembly puts forward and holding accountable those who seek to threaten and harm us and our neighbors.  We will not allow an extremist minority to set progress back in our state or our nation.

The recent decisions condoning anti-LGBTQ discrimination, cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking, while simultaneously crippling affirmative action and student debt relief, represent an unprecedented attack on our civil rights, racial and social justice and basic human decency:

  • To prioritize one citizen’s right to make money in a particular way over another person’s right to live and love as they were created is not freedom–it is state-sanctioned discrimination.  

  • To interfere in the values set forth by our institutions of higher education, who understand that our nation is stronger with a diverse, educated workforce, is not equality–it is state-mandated aristocracy.  

  • To suggest that one person’s right to harass, bully, intimidate and threaten others is more important than another person’s right to feel safe in their own home, school or workplace, is not liberty–it is state-sanctioned abuse.  

  • To rule that providing assistance to those struggling under the burden of student debt is un-American, while forgiving billions of dollars of pandemic-era PPP loans and tens of thousands of dollars of mortgage interest relief each year to homeowners, is not promoting responsibility–it is state-sanctioned plutocracy.  

Here in Colorado we are proud to be a national leader in the movement to expand and strengthen civil liberties and protections for our LGBTQ community.  Since our shameful decision on Amendment 2 over thirty years ago, we have made great strides to right a previous wrong and recognize we carry a special responsibility to create a safe and welcoming place for all people to grow, live and love as they choose.

We know that within that diversity lies a profound strength–for our caucus, our communities and our state.  This extremist court has opened the dangerous door for discrimination against any marginalized peoples and would seek to create second-class citizens who must take a back seat to religious views in the name of free speech, but we will not allow them to distract us from our mission to cultivate a state where education, family, opportunity, community and prosperity are accessible to all who seek it.

As thousands of our neighbors from across the country flock to our state seeking reproductive and gender-affirming care, as Colorado stands strong against the tide of anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeping the country, and as we continue to right the wrongs of our own checkered history, the members of this LGBTQ caucus will stand together against this dangerous rise of Christian nationalism, call out hate and bias where we see it, and fight to defend the protections of liberty we have enshrined in our laws against all who would seek harm upon us and our community.  

This is who we are as a caucus, as a people and as a state.

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