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July 9, 2024

Lukens, Bacon Highlight First Meeting of the Cell Phone Connectivity Committee


The Cell Phone Connectivity Interim Study Committee was created through an interim committee request letter (2024-04), rather than HB24-1265 as previously stated.

DENVER, CO - House Democratic lawmakers today highlighted the success of the first meeting of the Cell Phone Connectivity Interim Study Committee. Created through HB24-1265, this bipartisan interim committee aims to study cell phone connectivity issues in rural and historically underserved communities of color in Colorado.

Chair Representative Meghan Lukens, D-Steamboat Springs: 

“Whether it’s for work, school, meeting virtually with your doctor, searching for directions, or contacting emergency services — quality cell phone connectivity is vital. However, many of our neighbors living in rural and mountainous communities are stuck with unreliable cell services. Gaps in cell phone connectivity means Coloradans can find themselves on their own in a dangerous, emergency situation. 

“Our first meeting allowed us to dive deeper into the cell phone connectivity issues encountered by many in our state. These gaps were widely exposed during the pandemic, and our goal this interim is to better understand how we can improve connectivity for those living in and visiting Colorado’s mountainous communities.”

Committee Member, Assistant Majority Leader Jennifer Bacon, D-Denver: 

“No matter your zip code, everyone deserves peace of mind and a strong sense of security that cell phones provide. 

“However, marginalized communities in urban and rural areas feel as if they experience a lack of reliable cell phone coverage. It has been increasingly difficult for many in these communities to rely on cell phones in emergency situations or everyday life.

“We convened this Cell Phone Connectivity Interim Study Committee to uncover the gaps in cell phone coverage across our state. Today’s first meeting set us on a path forward to understanding the connectivity issues as we work towards framing up future legislation.” 

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