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March 18, 2024

Lukens and Velasco Bill to Improve Educator Safety Advances

DENVER, CO - The House Education Committee today passed legislation sponsored by Representatives Megan Lukens and Elizabeth Velasco to improve educator safety in Colorado. HB24-1320 passed by a vote of 7-4.

“As a teacher, I understand how important it is for students and educators to feel safe at school, which is why we are taking steps to ensure a safe learning environment for everyone,” said Rep. Meghan Lukens, D-Steamboat Springs. “The idea for this bill came from educators who have reported seeing an increase in violence targeting educators. Keeping educators safe will encourage more teachers to enter and stay in the profession and foster the environment students need to learn.”

“This legislation will help identify actions schools can take to keep educators safe so they can focus on teaching our students,” said Rep. Elizabeth Velasco, D-Glenwood Springs. “I’m excited to focus on the role that unequal access to resources and restorative justice play in staff safety issues. Everyone deserves to be safe in school, including educators, and I know this is possible without contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline.”

HB24-1320 seeks to generate recommendations on improving safety for educators and school staff through the creation of the Educator Safety Task Force. Representatives of the task force will represent school support professionals, teachers, administrators, nonprofits, and students and families from various communities who are impacted. In making their recommendations related to school safety, the task force will look at the impact of funding needs, wraparound supports, staffing, incidents of student behavior, and resource inequality.

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