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May 27, 2021


DENVER, CO– The House State, Civic and Military Affairs Committee today advanced legislation sponsored by Representative Ortiz that would fund a mobile veterans support unit. The bill passed 7-4, with all four Republicans on the committee voting no.

“Veterans are over-represented in Colorado’s homeless population, and for many vets struggling in our rural areas, accessing essential services and care is incredibly difficult,” said Rep. David Ortiz, D Littleton. “No one that served our nation should be left behind because they don’t have access to housing or because they live in rural areas. This bill will move us closer to that goal by funding a new mobile veterans unit that will distribute supplies, connect veterans with critical services, and provide transportation to veterans who need it. By putting this mobile support van into action, we’ll be able to meet veterans where they are to better serve the men and women who have served us.”

SB21-032, sponsored by Representative Ortiz, would provide funding to establish a mobile veterans support unit. A mobile veterans support unit serves as a point of contact to veterans in rural areas and to veterans experiencing homelessness. The unit would distribute supplies, transport veterans who do not have access to transportation services, and work with the Office of Economic Development to offer business and job opportunities to veterans. The bill provides funding for a veteran-owned or veteran-focused organization to purchase a vehicle and operate the program.

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