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May 17, 2021


Bipartisan proposal to ensure Coloradans suffering from opioid addictions have access to lifesaving drugs passes Third Reading

DENVER, CO– The House today passed Rep. Kyle Mullica’s bipartisan bill to make lifesaving overdose reversal drugs more widely available to individuals filling high dosage opioid prescriptions. The bill passed by a vote of 48-15.

“As we work to address the root causes of the opioid epidemic, we need to ensure that Coloradans have the tools and knowledge they need to avoid tragedy from striking,” said Kyle Mullica, D-Northglenn. “Naloxone has the power to reverse overdoses and save lives. Today we voted to ensure that the Colordans who are most likely to need it can more easily access it.”

SB21-011 would require pharmacists to offer an opioid antagonist, such as Naloxone or Naltrexone, when filling a high-dose opioid prescription or an opioid prescription alongside another medication that could place the patient at risk of an overdose. This will ensure that people have life-saving medicine on hand in case of an overdose or when experiencing symptoms of an opioid addiction. The bill would also ensure that patients have the information they need to protect themselves and stay safe.

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