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May 23, 2023

Polis Signs Bill to Expand EV Charging

DENVER, CO – Governor Polis today signed a bill to streamline the construction of and expand access to electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for homeowners and renters. 

“There are many Coloradans who are interested in owning an EV, however it can be difficult to secure charging locations near their home or even in their neighborhoods,” said Rep. Tisha Mauro, D-Pueblo. “Our law builds up and expands EV charging infrastructure across our state so we can accommodate current and future EV owners. We’re committed to making EV use more accessible for all Coloradans because it cuts back on our greenhouse gas emissions, creates more jobs and saves people money.” 

“With more EVs on the road than ever before, Colorado needs to invest in EV-specific infrastructure to help meet growing demand and cut down our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Rep. Alex Valdez, D-Denver. “This law breaks down barriers to owning an EV by creating more charging stations, which can be tough to secure if you’re living in an apartment. We’re setting into motion a plan to vastly expand EV charging across the state and save Coloradans money in the process.” 

HB23-1233, sponsored by Representatives Tisha Mauro and Alex Valdez, removes barriers to EV ownership by improving access to EV charging, especially for renters and those living in multifamily housing. 

Specifically, HB23-1233 expands electric vehicle charging infrastructure in new construction to accommodate future and current EV owners. The law updates electric code requirements, removes burdensome parking restrictions for EVs, and provides property tax relief to Coloradans for EV charging stations.

HB23-1233 is part of a broader legislative package to incentivize the advancement and adoption of clean energy technologies, accelerate the clean energy transition and make Colorado a leader in budding clean energy technologies. 

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