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May 22, 2024

Polis Signs Bills to Improve High-Speed Internet Access

FORT COLLINS, CO –  Governor Jared Polis today signed legislation to improve high-speed internet access. HB24-1334 and HB24-1336 aim to make broadband internet more widely available to Coloradans, especially those living in mobile home parks, multi unit homes, and rural and underserved areas.


“Whether you’re working remotely, writing an essay for school, or you rely on the internet for telehealth services – everyone deserves access to high-speed internet,” said Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, D-Fort Collins. “However, many Coloradans living in apartment buildings or mobile home parks are not connected to high-speed broadband internet. This law ensures that broadband providers, including infrastructure teams, are not turned away by owners of multi unit buildings or mobile home parks, and tenants aren’t denied access to broadband. We’re stepping up to ensure underserved areas of our state can more easily access the high-speed internet for work, school, health care or leisure.”

“When it comes to broadband grants and applications, the process can be tedious and confusing for our rural broadband providers,” said Rep. Jennifer Parenti, D-Erie. “This law revamps the state-operated broadband grant program to make it easier for eligible recipients to find and apply for grants to install high-speed internet, especially in rural or underserved neighborhoods.” 

HB24-1334 prohibits a property owner of a multi unit building or mobile home park from denying a broadband internet service provider access to the property to install infrastructure to provide high-speed broadband service. The broadband service provider would be required to provide at least 60 days of notice to property owners prior to accessing the premises, and a property owner would maintain the right to manage access to the property, including the ability to make requirements of the provider to protect the safety, security, appearance and condition of the property. This law aims to improve high-speed internet access to those living in apartments, mobile home parks and other multi unit buildings. 

HB24-1336, also sponsored by Representative Ron Weinberg, R-Loveland, would streamline broadband grants, expand eligibility and target underserved areas. Specifically, this law transfers the duties of administering the High-Cost Support Mechanism (HCSM)to the Colorado Broadband Office to make it easier for applicants to apply for and secure grants to install broadband.

Additionally, this bill modifies the types of projects that are eligible for HCSM funds, emphasizing middle mile infrastructure projects and projects in underserved areas. This law removes some of the red tape surrounding state-run broadband grants by allowing the Colorado Broadband Office to be the main office in charge of grant distribution and eligibility requirements until September 1, 2030.

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