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November 21, 2019


Denver, CO— Representative Alex Valdez (D-Denver) today released the following statement after being elected this week to lead the Legislative LGBTQ Caucus:

“I am honored to lead the LGBTQ caucus. We made tremendous progress in the last year. We protected our LGBTQ youth by banning the dangerous practice of conversion therapy. We ensured that government identification reflects Coloradans’ true selves. We passed legislation to bring our students a history curriculum that shares the incredible contributions of LGBTQ Americans. We will continue to work hard to make progress on LGBTQ rights and ensure an inclusive Colorado.” The Colorado Legislative LGBTQ Caucus includes members of both chambers and works to expand and protect LGBTQ rights. The caucus includes former Co-Chairs Sen. Dominick Moreno (D-Commerce City) and Rep. Daneya Esgar (D-Pueblo), Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver), Rep. Sonya Jaquez Lewis (D-Boulder County), Rep. Brianna Titone (D-Arvada) and Sen. Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins). Last session, the legislature passed and the governor signed a bill sponsored by Reps. Michaelson Jenet and Esgar to ban conversion therapy (HB19-1129). Colorado also passed Jude’s Law (HB19-1039), sponsored by Rep. Esgar and Sen. Moreno, which now allows residents to obtain identification documents that reflect their identities. To further a more inclusive history curriculum, the legislation passed HB19-1192, sponsored by Reps. Serena Gonzales Gutierrez (D-Denver) and Bri Buentello (D-Pueblo), which will ensure more students learn about the contributions of American Indians, Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

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