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January 23, 2020


DENVER, CO — Legislation sponsored by Representative Dominique Jackson to protect renters from being discriminated against for vacated evictions today advanced the House Judiciary Committee. The legislation passed the committee 7-1.

“Every renter in our state should have a fair shot at housing,” said Rep. Jackson, (D-Aurora). “A vacated eviction or an ongoing, undecided eviction proceeding should never get in the way of a family having a roof over their head. I was pleased to see the Judiciary committee move this initiative forward and stand up for the rights of renters across the state.”

Currently, when an eviction is filed against a tenant it produces an official court record, regardless of whether the filing was dismissed for being unfounded or retaliatory in nature. This can result in a scarlet letter on one’s rental history and often prevents Coloradans and their families from accessing housing in the future.

HB20-1009 would create an automatic suppression of court records while eviction proceedings are ongoing so that they do not become public until after the final court order is entered. It would also remove these court records from public view if an eviction filing is dismissed. Doing so will ensure that Coloradans and their families can access safe, affordable housing.

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