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June 3, 2020


Bipartisan legislation would allow college students to obtain academic credit for work experience

DENVER, CO — The House today passed Representative Barbara McLachlan’s bipartisan bill to make it easier to obtain academic credit for work-related experiences across all state institutions. The vote was 62-3.

“As we take the necessary steps to get our state back to work responsibly, it is critical that we do everything we can to make it easier for Colorado’s students to compete in a 21st century economy,” said Rep. Barbara McLachlan (D-Durango). “As a former teacher, I know that some of the most important education a student can receive happens outside of the classroom. This bill would allow students who have had formative educational experiences in the workplace to get the academic credits they need to complete their degrees in a more affordable and expedited way.”

HB20-1002, which advanced from the Making Higher Education Attainable Interim Committee, and was approved by the House Education Committee earlier this year, would require the Commission on Higher Education to create a model to award academic credit for work-related experiences. The credits would be acceptable and transferable across all state institutions, improving access and affordability for non-traditional students. The bill also includes a provision that will require state institutions to develop a mechanism through which students can test out of any undergraduate class through an individual assessment or other testing means.

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