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October 31, 2022

Rep. Michaelson Jenet Statement Condemning Violence Against Paul Pelosi

DENVER, CO – Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet, a leader in Colorado on addressing hate speech and identity-based violence, today released the following statement condemning the recent acts of violence against Paul Pelosi:

"My thoughts and support for a full recovery are with Paul Pelosi and the entire Pelosi family after the brutal attack on his life last Friday. We must stand united in condemning violence and extreme political rhetoric.

Free speech is a cherished right in our country, but with freedom comes responsibility. By celebrating, condoning and perpetuating hate speech, under the guise of “freedom,” we contradict the word's very meaning. Hateful and violent rhetoric leads to violence, preventing us all from living in peace and freedoms.

We must condemn all violence toward elected officials, their families and loved ones. And we must call for an end to the violent threats that have become far too frequent in our political discourse. The very foundation of democracy depends on it."

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