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January 29, 2020


Prime sponsor of nicotine regulation bill addresses Lung Association report that calls for action on teen nicotine use and Colorado’s highest in the nation e-cigarette use

DENVER, CO– Representative Kyle Mullica (D-Northglenn), the prime sponsor of HB20-1001, today released the following statement after the American Lung Association published its updated State of Tobacco Control grades, which assessed Colorado an “F” grade in several categories:

“This report shows just how critical it is that we revamp our state’s nicotine laws to combat the teen vaping epidemic. We can and must address teen nicotine use. I’m proud that my Democratic colleagues have made HB20-1001 a top priority. This bill would address several of the concerns raised in the American Lung Association Report, including by enacting a statewide tobacco retailer licensing program. It would give our state the tools to finally crack down on underage sales of tobacco products, end flashy electronic advertising outside retailers that appeal to our youth, and close the online sales loophole for vaping products.”

HB20-1001, which has bipartisan sponsorship by Representatives Mullica and Colin Larson would raise the minimum age of sale for cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products, including electronic smoking devices, to 21 years of age and add enforcement measures. It would require every retailer of nicotine products to be licensed by the Liquor Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue, increase compliance checks, prohibit new retail locations within 500 feet of schools and create new fines and penalties for failing to obtain a license or for selling products to people under age 21. It also holds retailers accountable for preventing underage sales by removing the criminal penalty for minors who purchase these products.

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