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January 29, 2020


Bipartisan legislation would help to reimburse victims of crime for certain towing and impound fees.

DENVER, CO — Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Representative Tom Sullivan that would offer support to a nonprofit organization that reimburses victims of crime for their towing and impound fees today advanced from the House Judiciary Committee. The legislation passed 9-0.

“Undeserved towing and impound fees can be a huge burden on victims of crime during some of the most trying times in their lives,” said Rep. Tom Sullivan (D-Aurora). “In the wake of a crime, paying a towing fee because your car was recovered by law enforcement should be the last thing you have to worry about. This commonsense bill would give important financial and stress relief to victims who need it most. I hope to see it become law this session.”

HB20-1107 would create the Victim Towing and Impound Fee Grant Program, which would give out grants to a nonprofit organization that reimburses victims of crime who have been subject to towing or impound fees directly related to their status as a crime victim. The grant program would be housed in the Division of Criminal Justice within the Department of Public Safety. This program will also require tracking of data so the scope of the problem can be more fully assessed and a long-term solution can be identified. Currently, victims of crime in Colorado can be burdened with paying towing and impound fees when their vehicles are recovered by law enforcement or impounded as evidence.

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