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October 17, 2022

Roberts and Bird Selected as 2022 Legislators of the Year by MADD

DENVER, CO – Representative Dylan Roberts, D-Avon, and Representative Shannon Bird, D-Westminster, were honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for their efforts to end impaired driving. Representatives Roberts and Bird join an esteemed list of 65 state lawmakers from across the U.S. who championed legislation to protect innocent lives and create safer roads.

“Creating safer roads has been a top priority for me and my community and I’m deeply honored to be selected as a Legislator of the Year by MADD,” said Representative Dylan Roberts, D-Avon. “Working with Minority Leader McKean and colleagues on both sides of the aisle I was proud to lead legislation to significantly reduce impaired driving and ensure Coloradans with prior DUI charges only get behind the wheel if they’re sober. This law will save lives and I’m incredibly thankful for the advocates at MADD for their partnership and this recognition.”

Representative Roberts was honored for his work on Senate Bill 22-055, Alcohol Monitoring For Impaired Driving Offenders. This new bipartisan law increases access to ignition interlocks for all DUI offenders and requires continuous alcohol monitoring for a felony or third DUI offense. It also cuts down on impaired driving and repeat offenses by making sure Coloradans with DUI convictions or pending cases only drive if they are sober.

Representative Bird was honored for her work to protect Colorado’s statewide 2 a.m. bar closing time and prevent increased drunk driving crashes. According to MADD, impaired driving fatalities are at a 20-year high in Colorado.  

The nationwide recognition received by Representatives Roberts and Bird shows their commitment to saving lives, preventing injuries and creating a safer Colorado for all. MADD is the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to ending impaired driving.

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