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April 19, 2024

SIGNED! Gov. Polis Signs Bill to Prevent Evictions, Homelessness

DENVER, CO - Governor Jared Polis today signed legislation sponsored by Representative Javier Mabrey, Majority Leader Monica Duran, and Senators Julie Gonzales and Nick Hinrichsen, that will prevent evictions and keep Coloradans safely housed by outlining the conditions when landlords would have grounds to file for evictions or “no-fault” lease terminations.

“Our ‘For Cause Eviction’ legislation clearly defines in state law when and why landlords can evict tenants to prevent discriminatory and retaliatory evictions,” said Rep. Javier Mabrey, D-Denver. “This new law will create stability for landlords and renters because it does not prevent landlords from evicting tenants who have violated their lease or are behind on their rent, or where a landlord is getting out of the business. With this legislation becoming law, we will save Colorado families money and help keep roofs over their heads and roots in their community.”

“Too many families know firsthand the fear and uncertainty that comes with being evicted from their home, as well as all the difficult consequences that arise because of it,” said Senator Julie Gonzales, D-Denver. “We must do more to protect vulnerable renters from being evicted without reason. Our new ‘for cause’ eviction law will improve housing stability, prevent displacement, and keep more of our neighbors in their homes, and I am pleased to see it get signed into law.”

“Unnecessary and arbitrary evictions have devastating consequences for Coloradans, which is why we passed legislation to clearly outline reasons landlords can file for an eviction,” said Majority Leader Monica Duran, D-Wheat Ridge. “Evictions make renters more vulnerable to homelessness, and having an eviction on your record can make it nearly impossible to find housing. I’m excited that our legislation to prevent Coloradans from being displaced is now Colorado law so hardworking Coloradans can remain safely housed.”

“Imagine being a respectful neighbor, paying your rent on time, and doing everything right. But your roof leaks, your landlord won’t fix it, and you’re struggling to make ends meet. Do you report it to your local housing authority, so there will be accountability on the landlord to fix it? Or do you keep quiet, knowing that, if you do that, your landlord might not renew your lease? This is just one example of the many cases this bill addresses, to ensure that tenants who are doing the right things don’t lose their housing for arbitrary reasons. It creates stability and financial security for good tenants and their families,” said Senator Nick Hinrichsen, D-Pueblo.

Currently, Colorado law exposes renters to possible arbitrary, retaliatory or discriminatory evictions. The ‘For Cause Eviction’ legislation would prevent a landlord from evicting a tenant unless there is cause for eviction. Under HB24-1098, the reasons a landlord could lawfully evict a tenant include failure to pay rent in a timely manner, destruction of property, interfering with the right to quiet enjoyment, or a substantial violation of the rental agreement.

The law also includes allowable reasons for a no-fault lease non-renewal, including substantial repairs or conversion of a residential premises, and selling the property. Some exceptions to the ‘For Cause Eviction’ law include rentals within the landlord’s primary residence, short-term rentals, mobile homes and for employers who provide housing to employees.

Evictions threaten the health and safety of Coloradans, with research showing that individuals who experience an eviction are more likely to report poorer physical or mental health outcomes. In 2023, Denver set a new record of annual evictions, reaching nearly 13,000 filings.

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