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March 21, 2019


Establishing science-based goals & taking action to meet them are critical to Colorado’s future

(Mar. 21) – Speaker of the House KC Becker, D-Boulder, and Rep. Dominique Jackson, D-Aurora, introduced legislation this afternoon to take meaningful action to address climate change. Acting on climate will help protect clean air and water, and spur clean energy jobs, innovation, business development, and economic growth for Colorado. The overwhelming majority of Coloradans supports climate action.

“Climate change is real. It’s happening. And we have a moral and economic imperative to act now,” Speaker Becker said. “As a mother, a defender of clean air and water and legislator, I am committed to ensuring our state is making responsible investments in our future and working to preserve our unique quality of life. I cannot think of a more important challenge for our state to tackle than climate change.”

Coloradans are already seeing the negative impacts of climate change on a daily basis: poor air quality affecting our health; mountain residents are seeing more frequent and destructive wildfires; increased drought is harming our farms; smaller snow packs are resulting in shorter ski seasons; shallower rivers for fishing and rafting are threatening our thriving outdoor economy and our way of life.

“We can cut carbon pollution and create good-paying jobs at the same time,” said Rep. Jackson, chair of the House Energy and Environment committee. “Colorado must lead and we must take action now for our communities of color – who are on the front lines of climate change – and for our children, and our grandchildren.”

This reasonable, science-based legislation will direct the state to develop a plan to limit carbon pollution and ensure that Colorado leads on climate action. The bill puts carbon pollution reduction goals into statute and directs the state to work with industry on a plan to finally limit carbon pollution through rulemaking.

The text of HB19-1261 can be found here (link).

Speaker Becker outlined her commitment to goals to address the threat of climate change in her opening day remarks.

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